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New Baby Bundle

per month for 3 months ($1430.10 total)
Get some rest and recover from childbirth, and enjoy the fleeting moments of the first weeks of life with your baby. To your health, well being, and the new normal!

Includes all services listed below:

-Postpartum Doula Support, 20 hours/5 visits;
-Lactation Visit, 90 minutes;
-Postpartum Talk Therapy, 3 sessions
-Sleep Plan Consult, 1 hour first call, 30 minute follow-up call

Postpartum Doula Support (20 hours, 5 visits)

Includes 20 hours (5 visits) of newborn care by our postpartum team. You'll be provided with a link to schedule your visits with any available team member. Only 24 hours notice is necessary - support on-demand when you need it most.

Remote Sleep Consult

Speak with our sleep consultant to devise a personalized plan for your baby, tailored to the needs of your family. Good for babies 0-12 months. INCLUDES:

- 60 minute phone consult to cover sleep history, daily routine and nighttime wakings
- Emailed sleep plan including a daily schedule and any specific recommendations for your family
- Thirty minute follow-up phone call (scheduled separately)
- 2 follow up emails to provide further guidance

Perinatal Fitness & Wellness Coaching: 12 fitness & 2 wellness in-home sessions (Platinum Level)

Establish a solid foundation and learn safe parameters for healthy exercise and movement with 12 in-home fitness sessions. Heal muscles and return strength to the pelvic floor and posterior chain for walking, moving, exercising, and diminishing leakage before and after baby is born. Combine your fitness routine with supportive foods and meal planning ideal for a comfortable pregnancy and post birth to assist with breastfeeding, mood balance, body composition and healing.

1. Evaluate diastasis recti, alignment, proper movement, and muscle imbalances.

2. A customized program designed to develop overall balance for birth and regain strength and energy postpartum.

3. Includes Food & Fitness workbook.

4. One month of On-Call Customized Nutritional and Wellness Coaching. For use at any point during pregnancy or postpartum for meal planning for weight and stress management, immune support, gut health, sleep hygiene and lactation. Includes TWO 60 minute sessions (video/phone or in-person in the Atlanta area) and additional support via email, phone, text, and/or video between sessions.

Prepare For Takeoff!

Prepare for labor and birth with our private Lamaze Childbirth lesson. Includes:

1. Up-to-date, evidence based birth information relevant to inductions, labor, delivery, and newborn care
2. Labor comfort measures, positioning and relaxation techniques
3. Self-care, postpartum and breastfeeding expectations
4. Dive deeper into the current research or review your studies within our online Lamaze Learning Center (videos, tips, and more)
5. Membership in our closed Facebook group, Pregnancy & Beyond


Prepare to handle parenthood like a pro by learning the Parent Essentials. We'll share with you detailed, safe and pertinent information regarding:

1. Infant care, colic, sleep hygiene, feeding and babywearing safety
2. Postpartum care and new parent issues
3. Diaper and breastfeeding station(s) set-up
4. Must-have clothing items and baby gear
5. Crib, co-sleeping and/or bed sharing
6. Nursery and sleep station(s) set-up
7. How and when to start a routine, correcting day and night confusion, sleep/relaxation association
8. Baby's circadian rhythm, must-haves for beneficial naps, sleep safety, and why night lights are a “no-no"
9. SIDS prevention